All customers who have supplied feedback have been included, no comments have been edited except to remove full names & addresses. 

Floyd, Sussex 2017

Floyd, Sussex 2017. The spade arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Only had a short time to play but it is amazing, have been a professional gardener for 38 years (with the usual back problems) I have never felt so comfortable digging.
Thank you

Andrew, Shropshire 2017 Order arrived on Tuesday, I went to the allotment yesterday and Bingo. . . . . no pain, no aches and just far less effort with your brilliant spade. Thankyou very much. Andrew

Adam, Burnham-on-Crouch 2017

Hi Alan, I received the tools ok thanks. They're exactly what I've been searching for and will make a huge difference. Thanks again, Adam

Les, Bolton 2017

I saw the Long Pattern Spade review in allotment and garden and spent the next two weeks comparing it with other long handled spades. I found your spade competitively priced and ordered both the spade and fork. On receiving them I was impressed with the build quality.
Having read the instructions on your website I found using the spade was easy, the trick is to keep one hand on the end of the handle. Digging is easy with no strain on the back, all the power comes from the chest, shoulders and upper arms. I'm looking forward to years of back aching free gardening.

Many thanks


Terry, purchased 2012 but 2017 comment

Bought one of your Long handled spades some 4 years ago. Brilliant. The length of the handle does give transportation a bit of a problem. Just wondered if you had considered a split handle version.

Philip, S. Yorks, February 2015

Hi Alan
Just to let you know I am extremely impressed with the spade you provided.I have managed to get out onto the allotment for the first time this year and the spade has transformed digging it over from a tiring slog to an enjoyable exercise. Why doesn't everyone use a spade like this? The tragedy is until you have a back problem you don't really think about the need, but the difference in effort and posture, especially for someone tall like me, is amazing.
Glad I found your website.

Many many thanks,

PS any plans for a fork?

Karl, Surrey, purchased April 2014

I just wanted to let you know that the spade arrived on Tuesday as you said it would and I'm very happy I stumbled across your website during my search for a good quality spade suitable for someone who is 6'4".My first impressions are that it is a lovely, well thought out tool that is a joy to use. It's already done excellent duty preparing one of my beds - and all without a twinge from my back.

Terry, Bristol purchased February 2014

I've been using the Standwell spade for the past few weeks and I can honestly say it's the best investment I've made. Due to doing my back in my plot remained largley untouched during the winter months. I followed your advise about breaking the soil with another tool. I used a Pick axe and a long handled fork, yes tough ground but once the first row of broken soil is tackled the rest is easy.

Leslie, Hertfordshire, purchased December 2013

The standwell arrived as stated, it looked and felt the part but could it walk the walk  off go the plot where a undug for 14months 2.4x1.8m bay awaited.
The stand well sliced through firm loamy clay and I was truly impressed as the only bending was to pick out an occasional nettle root, in short it does what it says no fuss should have got one earlier!

Well done Alan and thank you for your enterprise.

Paul, Midlothian, purchased March 2013

I am a professional gardener so am always looking for ways to ease or prevent the aches and pains that tend to accompany the job. The Standwell spade arrived very quickly, just in time for a day digging over and manuring a vegetable plot for a client. A perfect chance to get to know the tool. I was instantly impressed with the quality of the spade, the head is well shaped and sharp, the shaft seems solid and hard wearing and the over-all weight and balance is very good. Digging over the plot was dramatically easier and faster than aching back at all. 

Since then, I've found the Standwell spade to be useful in numerous other jobs. Spreading mulch under shrubs and in herbaceous borders is much easier thanks to the longer reach (less walking on beds and compacting soil). I even use the spade to hoe off weeds as I go along. General shovelling duties are also easier although a larger and pointed head would be a good addition to the range. I'd certainly like to try a fork headed version for some digging duties, sometimes a quick turnover of a bed is all that's required and a spade is a bit a coarse. Also, if I have Ground Elder or Couch Grass to dig out I have to go back to my crazily short handled fork to avoid chopping and propagating the roots. 

The Standwell spade has had almost daily use for most of a season now and is showing no signs of wear and tear. I'm confident it'll see me through many more years. I certainly feel physically better for using it. Best of all, its a real talking point wherever I work.

I am delighted with the Standwell spade and would gladly recommend the tool to any gardener, and often do...

Chris, Bristol, purchased Feb 2013

Iam most impressed with the spade , it makes digging a real pleasure and my back is in good order.I would like a fork in the same style .

Tom, Suffolk, purchased August 2012


The Standwell spade has given me a new lease of life in the garden. The advice provided was very helpful in terms of how to use the spade and what not to try with it. Once I got used to the new digging action, I was able to turn over my vegetable garden like I used to. Previously, I managed to put my back out every year as I prepared the trenches for potato planting. This year there was no problem and I soon got up to speed with the Standwell spade. 
I don't use it for every digging job. I use a normal spade to loosen especially hard patches, but then switch to the Standwell for the turning and lifting. And if I use a fork to lift spuds, I'm back on my knees to protect the spine. 
It's been excellent and I heartily recommend it.
Best wishes and thanks

David, Somerset, purchased May 2012

The long handle spade has proved invaluable for digging deep holes. It is a high quality tool that enables you to dig and dig without putting too much strain on your back. The blade isn't too big or long--like I said --just right. It would be very hard to improve on the quality or design of the spade. I would recommend it to anybody ...........


Joy, Warwickshire, purchased Jan 2013

 i found it greatly helpful as i have back trouble....

Colin, Brighton, purchased April 2013

As  feedback, I would like to say that the long handled spade is very easy to use and makes digging easier especially as I am just over 6 feet tall.  Other spades have snapped on my allotment but this spade continues to work well.

Kind regards

Phil, Derbyshire, purchased Feb 2013

I bought a Standwell Long Pattern Spade  for my brother-in-law for his 65th birthday. He is 6'3" tall and finds it excellent.  He wishes he'd had one years ago!


Christopher, Wimbledon, purchased May 2013

I am delighted with  my long handle spade, I only wish I had found it earlier. It is robust but so much easier on the back. The long handle also has advantages for reaching into a deeper bed for rough hoeing. 

Best wishes, Christopher

Ian, St Albans, purchased April 2013

I found the spade quite easy to dig with. It certainly reduces the back pain otherwise incurred during turning over a plot, though there will still be twinges as you can still lift a lot of soil as you dig over a bed! I do wish I had come across this style of spade much earlier. I have certainly recommended it to other gardening friends.

Steve, Slough, purchased, Sep 2012

I love my long handled tools, They have taken the strain out of digging. Being 6 foot tall I have always struggled with normal spades even the more recent long handled ones.